Monday, September 26, 2011


The great thing about long term relationships is that you can wear pj's and watch movies on a Friday night and it's still considered a date night. And that is exactly how the weekend played out.

What better way to celebrate the first day of Fall, then to grill. I made burgers (I know shocking) and Italian Sausage for dinner. I do love me some grilled meat. Do you know what goes good with eating meat?! Forcing my kite to watch chick flicks. Those two combos made it one of the LAZIEST BEST WEEKEND'S EVER!!

Oh the burgers weren't exactly Paleo. I used non-paleo barbecue sauce in the mixture. Why you ask, because 1. It came with a little brush and I'm a sucker for that and 2. Because shut up, that's why.
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The remainder of the weekend was spent sporting my new scarf that I got from
Megan Lee Designs. Who knew it would go so well with sweats.
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And reading one of my dearest friend Matt's Newest Blog . He adores Disney like I do (actually more since he's been there). Check it out if you want a little Disney experience.

I didn't do much cooking this weekend, but I did whip up a quick salad with tuna. My favorite part of opening a can of tuna is seeing my lazy old cat actually move. She'll come strolling running with her chubby belly swaying for tuna. Note to self, eat more tuna.
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And last but not least. My favorite part of the weekend. As you know my little bro came home last weekend and he wanted to check out my gym. So we went to Sunday Funday at BDCF. It was fun hanging out with him and showing him around, he got to meet some of the fun people there including my trainer Gio. He warmed up with the baseline workout. It took him 5m 15s. And because KARMA hates me, I purposely didn't participate FGB6 last weekend (because that shit looked hard), guess what we ended up doing for Sunday Funday? FGB...UGH! Guess what? That shit WAS hard!! In case you don't know the workout is seventeen minutes of hell or...

3 rounds of

1 minute WB
1 minute SDHP
1 minute BJ
1 minute PP
1 minute Row for Cal
1 minute rest

We did great!! Andres got 222 total reps and I got 170 total reps RX. That's right people my first RX. I know I'm a Badass..tell everybody!

One of my favorite quotes that my bro mentioned was after the workout he said, "I hated every second of that, but I feel good". Sounds like a true crossfitter, I love that kid.
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