Thursday, May 29, 2014

Staycation - Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. The weather was gorgeous. We made no real plans for our 3-day holiday so we played each day by ear. Which was amazing to not have to rush to obligations. We started the weekend walking around downtown OP and checking out the first day of the farmer's market.  It was a bust, it was a packed and the only thing they had was asparagus.  So much smelly pee after that market.  We wandered around town, had brunch in the Scolleville park, ran some errands and found a cute lemonade stand that we couldn't possibly pass up.  The rest of the day was a one big nap.

The next day, another gorgeous day, we decided to do some hiking at Starved Rock (aka Stair Rock). It was packed with people who had the same idea. But while hiking it was still peaceful AND muddy. Like super muddy. I have become quite the tired wimp now that I'm pregnant and my kite was so motivating and helpful through the trails. Teamwork I tell you.   After a few trails we decided to get some lunch at one of Chris' fav hotdog places.  Where I tried Pountine (fries with gravy) for the first time (Meh). The rest of the day was one big nap.

We decided to walk around downtown OP again, because baby was craving bagels so we stopped and got some bagel sandwiches.  I haven't had a bagel in awhile and oh my gosh I could have licked my plate. We wandered around for awhile checking around OP noting what restaurants we need to try still. And spent the rest of the day lounging around on our computers together.  Once it started raining we decided to grill up some fancy filets and corn on the cob (note we did NOT get asparagus).  Delish.

There was so much napping and eating this weekend it felt like vacation. We did manage to walk 15 miles in 3 days.  And as much as we enjoyed this staycation, we need to plan a real one. Possibly near an ocean or mountain.  ♥

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The birds. The bees.

This weekend my mother in law was watering her plants when she came upon a little nest in her hanging plant.  Look at it!! It's the perfect little nest in the perfect little spot.  It's not stuffed in between the air conditioner or in the middle of the gutters. These birds picked prime real estate for their little nest.  And they acted quick, it was only on "the market" for 4 days before they built it.  My MIL told me she'd keep me posted if there's any eggs.  


Two days later this bad boy appeared. It's pale blue! There's going to be a baby!! So stinkin' CUTE!
I literally am more excited then I should be.  I love nature and spring.  And I want to throw these birds a baby shower.   Can't wait to find out what kind of bird it is.  Please leave some love in the comments for the happy bird couple.  ♥

The Big 1-8

My little brother in law turned 18 this week.  I met this awesome kid when he was a mere 11 years old. He was chubby and cute. And we instantly became bro and sis. Poking and annoying each other and all. We have done a lot of fun adventures over the years and have a ton of great memories including my favorite "Best Day without Chris" where we had an adventure at Navy Pier in Chicago (without Chris duh!). Can't believe he's officially a 'man' now.  And the best part everyone, I finally can curse without guilt.  No more watching my language, this fella is no longer a kid.

We celebrated his birthday this weekend down in the Champaign area.  On the agenda was paintballing, kissing my niece Kaidyn, seeing Spider Man 2 and Godzilla at the drive-in, and a birthday dinner at Evan's favorite steak house. I've never been to a drive-in movie before or a double feature. I have to say it was pretty awesome! We all had a blast and left the weekend never wanting to eat again. It was great spending time together since we live so far apart.  Can't wait for more summer events. ♥

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We made magic! Bébé

My Kite and I had always talked about having a family, but didn't exactly put a timeline on it.  We also had this mutual understanding that if it didn't ever happen, we'd still be happy. As most surprises occur we were in a bit of shock back in February when we got news that our little family was about to grow.  We'd like to thank Chiberia and being Honemooners for this amazing little addition. 

A few days after Valentine's day I was feeling a little different than normal and took a pregnancy test a few days before I was expected to get my period.  I fully took a test just to verify that I was NOT pregnant. While I was waiting for the test to finish I was busy filing my nails and thinking about painting them.  Seriously the biggest dilemma prior to the test results showing up was either pink or clear.  And then....

OH BOY!! I was in complete jaw dropping shock when I saw the test above with the big ol' PREGNANT on the screen. I looked at the box to see if it was just missing the 'NOT'. Then back at the test and then at the box. Then I just stood there quietly for what seemed like the longest minute, before I immediately ran out of the bathroom, (yelling HOLY SH*T, yes the first thing out of my mouth was cursing.  I keep it classy) to show My Kite to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  

He was in disbelieve like I was and we just kinda stood there like WHAT JUST HAPPENED?   

A few days passed and no period.  A few weeks past and morning sickness and fatigue kicked in.  A month passed and I went to my first doctors appointment at 8 weeks.  She verified that I had a beautifully round 8 week pregnant uterus.   It wasn't until that moment we finally believed we had made magic.  

We shared the news with family at 9 weeks and the rest of the world at the end of 13 weeks. We got to see the bébé at 13 weeks.   It is the real deal now. And now we couldn't be more excited!! 

We're at 16 weeks now and I'm at that food baby/could be a bump stage. I'm feeling a ton better even though I'm not a fan of this pregancy thing so far. I'm waiting till I feel movement so I can fully justify feeling like poop.  We get to find out the gender in a month, but in the mean time we are having fun coming up with the cooliest baby names ever.   

Stay tuned for baby kite updates.  ♥