Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make it a Grande

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I know I did.

This year Santa got me over $35 in Starbucks gift cards. One gift you can never go wrong with, especially for a coffee lover like me. Today I decided to spend some of my lovely gift and stop at Starbucks to to get a little pick me up. Since it's so close to making my New Years resolution(to lose the usual 10 pounds). I ordered a non-fat grande gingerbread latte. And good thing I did, because when I drove around to pick up my order (and yes I went through the drive-thru--it was COLD) and who did I see working the drive-thru?! The same guy who works at my gym. He smiled while asking why I haven't been at the gym in a few weeks. I gave him a cute shrug and he then asked if I wanted whipped on my latte. Sadly I said no, even though I really did want it, but not after the awkward gym talk. I'm taking that as a total sign that I should lay off the grande lattes and start working on my glutes at the gym.

Have a Happy New Year everybody.