Thursday, May 22, 2014

The birds. The bees.

This weekend my mother in law was watering her plants when she came upon a little nest in her hanging plant.  Look at it!! It's the perfect little nest in the perfect little spot.  It's not stuffed in between the air conditioner or in the middle of the gutters. These birds picked prime real estate for their little nest.  And they acted quick, it was only on "the market" for 4 days before they built it.  My MIL told me she'd keep me posted if there's any eggs.  


Two days later this bad boy appeared. It's pale blue! There's going to be a baby!! So stinkin' CUTE!
I literally am more excited then I should be.  I love nature and spring.  And I want to throw these birds a baby shower.   Can't wait to find out what kind of bird it is.  Please leave some love in the comments for the happy bird couple.  ♥

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