Thursday, May 29, 2014

Staycation - Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. The weather was gorgeous. We made no real plans for our 3-day holiday so we played each day by ear. Which was amazing to not have to rush to obligations. We started the weekend walking around downtown OP and checking out the first day of the farmer's market.  It was a bust, it was a packed and the only thing they had was asparagus.  So much smelly pee after that market.  We wandered around town, had brunch in the Scolleville park, ran some errands and found a cute lemonade stand that we couldn't possibly pass up.  The rest of the day was a one big nap.

The next day, another gorgeous day, we decided to do some hiking at Starved Rock (aka Stair Rock). It was packed with people who had the same idea. But while hiking it was still peaceful AND muddy. Like super muddy. I have become quite the tired wimp now that I'm pregnant and my kite was so motivating and helpful through the trails. Teamwork I tell you.   After a few trails we decided to get some lunch at one of Chris' fav hotdog places.  Where I tried Pountine (fries with gravy) for the first time (Meh). The rest of the day was one big nap.

We decided to walk around downtown OP again, because baby was craving bagels so we stopped and got some bagel sandwiches.  I haven't had a bagel in awhile and oh my gosh I could have licked my plate. We wandered around for awhile checking around OP noting what restaurants we need to try still. And spent the rest of the day lounging around on our computers together.  Once it started raining we decided to grill up some fancy filets and corn on the cob (note we did NOT get asparagus).  Delish.

There was so much napping and eating this weekend it felt like vacation. We did manage to walk 15 miles in 3 days.  And as much as we enjoyed this staycation, we need to plan a real one. Possibly near an ocean or mountain.  ♥

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