Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can I be Anymore Boring?!

Monday and Today couldn't have been anymore uneventful. Just good ol' routine. I've been super super moody lately. I owe this to the over indulging of chocolate last week. I've also developed a small addiction to Chai Tea Latte's, actually this addiction happens every fall, along with another addiction to Pumpkin Spice Latte's. They used to be a treat and well not so much lately. Someone slap me on the wrist!

Monday I heated up the roast chicken I prepared on Sunday for dinner and made heated some cabbage with bacon as a side. There was bacon lard and bacon and more bacon lard. Oh and a small head of cabbage. Here's a pic of my dinner plate.
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Today I woke up bright and early to head to the gym. Summer is almost over and it's dark out when I leave, which makes it that much harder to jam out when I drive to the gym. I don't normally look at the wod before I get there, I like the thrill of a surprise. When I walked in there were lunges and crabs's and bear's oh my... Today's was called Manimals.

Three rounds for time
60 ft x lunges
60 ft x bear crawls
60 ft x crab walk
60 ft x beck’s burpees
400m run

I did okay, I felt stronger in the second round. If I didn't have to adjust my shirt after a few burpees I'd probably have a better time. Stupid wardrobe malfunction. Also, I may or may not be causing trouble in the gym--guess which one is me? The slow one...ha!
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Today is Taco Tuesday. I made that up this morning. I sing a little song to get my kite excited for dinner. This song might have included taco flavored kisses.
Here's a little sloppy pic of my paleo tacos. Mmmm...
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The night ended with this blog and some 72% dark chocolate.

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