Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Things...BAM

I don't know about you but not finishing projects is my middle name. Say for instance I wanted to blog, but got distracted by I don't know something shiny. That's me written all over it. Well I'm back and I don't really have much of an excuse to be gone this long. The holidays were BUSY and then I got distracted by a few good books (I love MY kindle). The only thing that sucked was that you missed me. I know because I swear I heard crying weekly when you came and checked to see if there were any new posts. Well you can hold back the sniffles because of have something fun to share.

My gym (BDCF) is having a Paleo Partner Challenge! Since this is a new year and well everyone and their mama is trying to lose weight. I figured why not try and be a follower. Plus I may or may not have grew a strong addiction to chocolate, lattes and did I mention CHOCOLATE. And you as well as I know there's nothing wrong with loving chocolate, but my jeans don't love it and either does my mirror. So I figure I'd come back to my blog and document my paleo eats for the week again. Basically another way of shoving it my teammates faces of how my partner and I are going to WIN IT. So game on.

Before I share my yummy food. I also, wanted to show a few other awesome new things that I'm loving at the moment and something new in general.

To start I got a new haircut. After the newness of getting banged awhile back wore off I began itching for another change. And that's when I got a banging bob. And here you have it...I love it!

My kite got me the greatest Christmas gift this year. A spanking new 55-200mm lens for my camera. My little girls is growing up and has a big rack now *sniffle*.

and the other thing is.... You're not allowed to laugh. I'm still tough and can kick your butt!! But I love knitting and you can't stop me. My intention if I don't get distracted is to make a infinity scarf. Hopefully I'll be done by June 1st.

And now that you think I'm 80, we can talk about food. I made a ton of food in the last two weeks, trying to get my mind ready for this challenge.

I started the week with crockpot Tangerine BBQ pulled pork. My kite's mother gave me a bunch of tangerines and I thought why the heck not. I paired with salad and almost burnt sweet potatoes.

I also made some broiled steak (I miss grilling) and some greek green beans.

For emergency protein I made some crockpot honey chicken.

And don't forget my favorite food ever...breakfast. I broke open one of Christmas gift which was Starbucks coffee. I made a badass latte while I made fried eggs, chicken legs, avocado and maybe some bacon (don't worry there is more bacon where that came from).

And since it was crazy warm a few days this week, we grilled some burgers. I paired it with the usual salad and almost burnt sweet potatoes

If you wondering what I did with all those tangerines I got. Oh you didn't?! Tough! You're about to find out.
I hand squeezed the rest of them and made a paleo-ish treat. Tangerine ice. After juicing I poured them into 3oz containers to freeze. It was delish.

NERD ALERT (By the way 16 tangerines will get you a little under 2 cups of juice. Now imagine drinking a normal 8oz glass of orange juice. That could equal 6-8 oranges. Oh snap! That's a shit ton of oranges you just consumed in one sitting. You're insulin is spiked and you'll be crashing out in less than an hour. Just sayin')

And there you have the beginning of the challenge of all challenges. Stay tuned. This is something I plan on finishing! I will not disappoint.

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