Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Challenge has begun!

Well it's Day 6 of our Paleo challenge and it is finally getting easier. My day dreams about ice cream and latte's have finally disappeared (Crap! Did someone say ice cream?).

Day 3 was by far the hardest. It landed on hump-day and boy it was quite the hump (see what I did there). I had a headache and I was never full, both lasted all day long! I was one grumpy paleo chick.

Which had me thinking, I've been living a Paleo lifestyle for over a year now, but like all lifestyles you have a little treat so you don't feel deprived of the world. The problem is everyday you start adding a treat, sometimes even two treats if you had a really good day or that day landed on a Friday. Before you know it's just normal to be bad. So wonderfully bad. But this challenge has been eye opening I haven't been this strict since I first started Paleo. It feels great to clean up my diet and well be *GASP* a good girl.

The best part of this week is I got 8 hours of sleep each night. MY GOSH I LOVE SLEEP! A well rested Mary is a happy Mary and a happy Mary is plain good for your health (I mean MY health *WINK*). The only downside is it involved me going to bed at 9 o'clock. Between that and knitting, all I need is a rocking chair and someone's going to accidentally put me in a home if I'm not careful.

Before we get to my Paleo eats, your forced to hear about a couple of new things this week.

I bought some new crossfit shoes. I normally wear vibrams to the gym, but needed a pair of minimalist shoes to wear in the winter. They're light weight and adorable. If you see me sporting them don't forget to 'OoOoo' and 'Aaahhh' at these babies! Oh and to my kite..I bought some new shoes--they were on sale and by sale I mean free!

And secondly I finished up reading THE HELP this week. As you're reading this I'm watching THE HELP movie. Because I cannot watch a movie based on a book before I read the book first. I have to have a reason to scream out "that's not what happened in the book!!" Which by the way I loved it and recommend you read it.

And now to our scheduled program...there was a ton of Paleo cooking done.

The number one thing I made this week that I loved and ate everyday for breakfast was Scotch Eggs from Well Fed. Be jealous because these were beyond amazing!

I use butter as a fat in a lot of recipes I make, but since I'm avoiding dairy I made some homemade ghee. I melted two packages of Kerrygold unsalted butter. And carefully strained the ghee from the milk scum with a coffee filter. It was messy but super easy.

Another recipe I made from Well Fed was homemade olive oil mayo And it's hands down the best mayo I've ever had. I will never buy a jar of mayo again. I'm getting the Paleo condiments down packed!! Paleo living just got a lot better.

I brined a chicken overnight and roasted it. The secret to a crispy chicken is a good fat on the skin. I used coconut oil, but I've been known to smother it with butter.

I made some broiled steak with mashed sweet potatoes, and sautéed some kale with some mushrooms/shallots.

I broiled some lemon pepper chicken breast the next day and had that with leftover mashed sweet potato, leftover kale and a salad.

After all week of cooking I made some chicken salad with leftover roast chicken and homemade mayo. It was SUPER homemade, I even cracked the walnuts for it. Talk about hard work.

We also made some burgers. I don't go a week without a burger. Paired with a salad a nitrate free bacon. Simple and delish.

For snacks this week I made avocado rolls with nitrate free turkey. This is my paleo version of a tortilla and cheese scenario. So so so good.

And today was a complete no oven day. I made a simple tuna salad with a evoo/vinegar dressing.

My treat everyday this week was kiwis. It's definitely no chocolate, but still felt like a treat. Especially ice cold.

And the most important thing I did all week long was drink a bizillion of these bad boys. WATER with lemon. The thirst quencher of all thirst quenchers. TAKE THAT GATORADE!

Week one is almost under my belt. I'm proud so far.

Also, stay tuned there's going to be some changes to my blog. Like I don't know a recipe section. FINALLY!


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