Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mooning the Honeys - Part Deuce.

We rented a convertible in Key West and drove three and half hours to Miami to hop on a cruise for part two of our honeymoon.  It was the best road trip ever.   The whole way we drove with the top down and talked and napped (well I did).  It was beautiful.  I took zero pictures and enjoyed every moment.
The Cruise -- Let's start with how I figured out rather quickly that I am not a cruise person.   Luckily 'Miami Vices' and Margaritas were there to cheer me up.  Our cruise stopped at the Bahamas, St. Martin, San Juan, and Grand Turk.  We went on a sunset cruise, we kayaked, and we did a bit of exploring.   We met some cool people.  And again we ate and drank and ate a lot more, because it was a cruise and there's 24/7 soft serve machines. Duh!  All in all it was a great experience.  (side note, the trip ended with a $80 cab ride to the airport, a first husband/wife fight and an inside $80 joke.  Plan ahead people).  


  1. Love convertibles! Any specific reason you're not a cruise person? I've never been on one.

    1. Tiff, I got a little sea sick and I did not like being trapped on a boat. Plus it was crowded. And there was a lot of waiting and lines. And not enough exploring. But it was still lovely to be on vacation and the views/ports were amazing!

    2. Ah, I often get motion sickness, too, and can't imagine the crowds would be fun.