Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness

Today is Monday. And it's one of those Monday's that everyone seems to be having a "mood".  These are the days I try to be the most grateful for what I have.  Those little happiness's that make me turn my frown upside down. Here are five little things that made this week great.

1.  This post card
(Because now that I'm no longer a vegetarian - I can find the humor in it PLUS who doesn't love mail)

2. This site
(Because you need a little Christian music to lift your spirits, plus it's no longer blocked at work.) 

3. This picture

(Because 278 day till I marry my best friend, plus it means working on save-the-dates)

4. This face

(Because those eyes make you love him more each time you see them.)

5.  This can huggy

(Because it's a inside joke that's wrapped around my new favorite tea)

Smiling yet? What made your week? 

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